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Ventura’s real name is San Buenaventura, after the mission that was founded there in 1782 and named after St. Bonaventure. Today, Ventura is a popular destination both for its rich history and its downtown shopping and entertainment.

However, if you live in Ventura and are facing an eviction, history and shopping are the last things on your mind. If you’ve recently received an eviction notice, you need to take action immediately to block the eviction and stay in your home long enough to find a new home.

True Sources Financial can help stop eviction proceedings. We’re licensed with all the courts in the Southern California area, including Ventura, and can offer same-day service -- because we know every minute counts when you are dealing with the threat of eviction.

Know your rights as a Ventura area tenant facing eviction

Your landlord does not have the right to try to force you out of your home by locking you out or changing the locks, or by turning off your utilities.

If your landlord tries those shady tactics, we can help you file a response to his complaint -- and the landlord doesn’t have the right to retaliate by raising your rent, withholding services or other ways of trying to intimidate you.

Stop home foreclosure evictions in Ventura

If you have recently lost your home in a foreclosure sale and are facing eviction, you need to call True Sources Financial right away. We can begin working with you the same day, drafting the court documents you need to block your eviction.

We’re licensed with all the courts in the Southern California area, including Ventura -- and we can fax documents for a small fee to those courthouses that accept “filing by fax.” That saves you gas and valuable time that you don’t have to spend in long lines at the courthouse.

At True Sources Financial, our goals are to help tenants know their rights and give them extra time in their home -- time they can use to look for another home and save money for the move. Call True Sources Financial today at 714.400.4214 for a risk-free phone consultation and stop your eviction today!