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Did you know that McDonald’s and Taco Bell both got their start in San Bernardino many years ago? Today, San Bernardino is close to many fun attractions -- for instance, Disneyland, Palm Springs and Hollywood are all just about an hour’s drive away.

But if you’re a tenant facing eviction in San Bernardino, “fun” is probably the last thing on your mind. You need a way to stop your eviction from proceeding, and True Sources Financial can help.

Eviction defense in San Bernardino

True Sources Financial is proud to be AAA-rated by the Business Consumer Alliance, and offers three “stop eviction” plans at the most affordable prices in Southern California. We also offer several payment options for those going through financial hardship today.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to stay in your home a bit longer. That extra time can take pressure off of you and your family and help you save money while you look for the right home to move to.

Enforcing tenant rights for San Bernardino residents

We can also help you file a response to his complaint if your landlord tries to force you to move by using tactics like locking you out/changing the locks, removing doors or windows, or cutting off services such as the utilities -- all things that your landlord does not have the right to do.

Stop post foreclosure sale evictions

Has your home been sold to a new owner in a foreclosure sale or been lost to the bank? True Sources Financial is licensed with all the courts in the area -- including San Bernardino. Not only can we draw up the necessary court documents fast to block your eviction, but we offer “fax filing” for a small fee to courts that accept it -- saving you gas money and valuable time you’d spend standing in long lines at the courthouse.

If you have received a 3/30/90-day Notice-to-Quit or a 5-day Unlawful Detainer Summons, what you do next and how fast you act makes all the difference. We offer same day service and immediate assistance with the court documents you need to keep your living in your home longer.

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