Riverside CA Eviction & Foreclosure Defense

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Riverside is the 11th largest city in California and was listed as one of the “Most Livable Mid-size Cities” by Partners for Livable Communities in 2004. But when you’re threatened with eviction from your Riverside home, that’s not a livable situation.

Fortunately, you do have rights as a tenant -- and True Sources Financial can help stop your eviction and give you more time to find a new place to live.

What are your rights as a tenant?

If you have received an eviction notice -- whether a 3, 30 or 90-day notice -- it’s important to take action right away. But you should be aware that the landlord is not allowed to:

  • RLock you out of the rented property or change the locks
  • Cut off utility services
  • Remove doors or windows
  • If your landlord does any of these actions as a way of trying to force you out, you can file a response to his complaint -- and we can help stop your eviction today!

    Stopping apartment evictions in Riverside

    True Sources Financial is licensed to help stop evictions in Riverside and all cities in Southern California. We specialize in stopping apartment evictions and can block evictions from either apartments or houses.

    You can get more time to stay in your home, which helps you save money and look for a new home. But it’s important to call True Sources Financial immediately when you receive a 3/30/90-day Notice-to-Quit or a 5-day Unlawful Detainer summons, so we can begin preparing the necessary court documents to block the eviction right away.

    Stopping Post Foreclosure home evictions

    True Sources Financial also helps Riverside residents who are facing eviction because their homes were lost to a new owner or bank in a foreclosure sale. Call us for a risk-free phone consultation and find out your rights.

    Put the brakes on your eviction and gain more time to choose a new home with one of our affordable “stop eviction” plans. Call 714.400-4214 to learn more about your rights and your options when you are facing eviction.