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The city of Orange took the top spot in’s “10 Best Places to Live in California” based on quality of life (such as income and cost of living), amenities, crime rate, tax rate, unemployment rate and the climate. But if you live in Orange and have been served a 3, 30 or 90-day eviction notice from your home, you might wonder where to go from there.

Fortunately, True Sources Financial is licensed to help stop evictions in Orange and throughout Southern California. We can assist you in gaining more time in your home so you can save money and look for a new home -- and our “stop eviction” prices are the most affordable in the area.

Know your tenant rights in the eviction process

When you receive a 3/30/90-day eviction notice, you must act immediately to block the eviction and stay in your home as long as possible. But even while your landlord is in the process of trying to evict you, you still have rights. The landlord may not:

  • Remove windows or doors from your home in an attempt to coerce you into leaving
  • Lock you out
  • Change the locks
  • Have utility services turned off to try to get you to move sooner

And if your landlord does do these things, we can help you file a response to his complaint. If you do file a response, the landlord is not allowed to retaliate against you in ways such as raising the rent, decreasing services or trying to evict you. Bad landlords and slumlords have met their match in True Sources Financial.

Stopping foreclosure evictions in Orange CA

Are you facing eviction due to foreclosure? True Sources Financial has helped many Southern California families whose homes were lost to the bank or a new owner in a foreclosure sale. Call us right away for a risk-free phone consultation.

Not only can True Sources Financial help you with the court documents you need, but we can fax them for a small fee to the courthouses that accept “fax filing” -- saving you time and gas. We’re licensed with all the area courts, included Orange County.

If you’re facing eviction, don’t wait until the situation gets even worse! Call 714.400.4214 today and speak with us about your eviction or foreclosure defense and how we can help take the pressure off you and your family today.