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Los Angeles is known as the “entertainment capital of the world” -- and for good reason. LA boasts over 300 museums and the famous Walk of Fame with over 2,400 stars. But if you are a Los Angeles resident facing eviction from your house or apartment, life is anything but fun and entertaining.

True Sources Eviction Services can help! We are licensed with many courts in Southern California and can help stop evictions for tenants in Los Angeles.

Stop wrongful evictions in Los Angeles

As a tenant, you might be feeling helpless and wondering what your rights are. The good news is that your landlord does not have the right to pressure you to move by using tactics such as changing the door locks, locking you out of your home, removing your doors or windows, or turning off the utilities.

If your landlord tries to bully you into moving out of your home, you have grounds to file a response to his complaint -- and we can help with that. Once your response is filed, the landlord has no right to retaliate by charging more rent or withholding services.

Got an eviction notice? Take action immediately!

To have True Sources Eviction Services help with your eviction defense in Los Angeles, call as soon as possible after you receive a 3/30/90-day Notice to Quit or a 5-day Unlawful Detainer Summons. Acting quickly can gain you the time you need to save money for moving and to find a new home.

We’ll begin preparing your court documents the same day. With our affordable “stop eviction” plans and many payment options, True Sources Eviction Services makes it easier for you to block your eviction.

Stop Los Angeles post foreclosure sale evictions

We have helped many families facing eviction from their homes due to foreclosure sales. With our decades of experience blocking evictions post foreclosure, we can help you stay in your house longer so you have the time you need to look for a new home.

True Sources Eviction Services is licensed in several Southern California courts, including Los Angeles County. With some courts, we offer a low-cost “fax filing” service for your court documents that can save you gas and time because you never have to make a trip to the courthouse. Don’t let your landlord or bank bully you into moving from your Los Angeles home before you’re ready. For a risk-free consultation, call us at 714.400.4214.